Glitter Grout Crystals

Glitter Grout

Do you want glitter tiles? Have you been looking for glitter tiles but can’t find anything in your colour? .. Well look no further. We have the most amazing glitter grout crystals you just simply add to your grout to make glitter tiles. Creating sparkly glitter tiles using the lighting in your room.

King Glitter have the most amazing grout crystals on the market. Glitter grout crystals are an affordable way of creating the glamorous look all of our customers desire.

We have tested our glitter grout crystals with all grout mix possible and each and every time we have created the most amazing glitter tiles. The effect of the glitter grout is outstanding and really brings out the sparkle to any kitchen or bathroom. If your looking for glitter tiles or glitter grout then look no further because we have the answer.


HOW MUCH GLITTER GROUT CRYSTALS SHOULD I USE? ; The minimum amount we recommend is 1 packet per 1kg of grout mix. The more you add the more sparkle and glamour you will achieve, please do not add too much, if you do it might affect the end result

WHAT TYPE OF GROUT CAN I USE TO CREATE MY GLITTER GROUT? ; Any. Its that simple. You can mix our glitter grout crystals with any grout to create the most amazing sparkly glitter tiles.

CAN I USE DIFFERENT COLOURS TOGETHER? ; Yes you can, mixing different colour glitter grout crystals produces a wonderful effect